The school's first 12 months' operating budget amounts to RMB 445.000.- ( approx. US$ 54.000.-). The CTMA finances half of this sum and Liwaco Overseas Marketing Ltd provides the balance, including equipment. This is an extremely tight budget that has no room for any unforeseen expenses.  (See cost break down, attachment B)

Funds permitting, the school wishes to add an additional class of students starting from March 2000. The 12 months operating budget including one class each of first and second graders, therefore, amounts to RMB 750.000.- (approx. US$ 91.000.-). (See attachment C for details.)

The current classroom and dormitory facilities are temporary and are being rented. As such they are not ideal, as they were not purpose designed. Space for expansion at the present location is not available. The Tibetan Sports Committees and the relevant government authorities have declared their willingness to provide a suitable plot of land for the school to construct its own building. The cost is estimated to amount to RMB 1.150.000.- (approx. US$ 140.000.-) (See attachment D for details.)

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