The School recruited 20 students, aged between 18 and 23, from the Tibetan high altitude countryside, from economically underprivileged town-ships such as Nyalam and Tingri. Students are provided free room and board, tuition, clothing, and equipment. They are also given pocket money.

All successful candidates have completed middle school.  Members of the Mount Everest Protection Area Committee held initial interviews. The CTMA conducted tests with regard to their mental and physical health, reasonable literacy in Tibetan and Putonghua (Chinese). 


Mr. Gao Mao Xing is the school's principal and Mr. Nima Tsering its administrator.
Specialized teachers from various schools in Lhasa teach academic subjects as well as physical fitness. Members of Tibet's high altitude mountaineering team and staff of the CTMA are tutors for technical course aspects. These are taught in the class room and on the mountain.

In the second year and the students' language skills permitting,  the school will invite qualified foreign instructors to coach students in the latest mountaineering techniques.   

The school's graduates will be provided jobs through the CTMA. They are encouraged to contri-bute part of their income to the school for eventual self funding.

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